Dead Rays (2014)

2:12 minutes, color


This is for stars that will never dim. Dead Rays is made as a celebration of countless infinities.


Dead Rays is part of Cha Roque’s PeliTula project. PeliTula comes from the Filipino words pelikula (film), and tula (poetry). This project aims to present poetry through filming of words; through the combination of visual images and narrated poems that will make the viewer sit and open himself to the experience. It is putting together two elements that would provide the viewer a full meal, from the power of text, to the spark of imagination, to visual connections and metaphors. Film is a visual art form and poetry is more on the abstract world of thought and feeling rather than the literal world of things.
PeliTula takes on the marriage of the two as an art form.


  • Queerception: Queer Arts Festival (Manila, Philippines 2016)
  • Pauses and Pulses Video Art Exchange (Marrakech Biennale, Morocco 2016)