What I Would’ve Told My Daughter If I Knew What to Say Back Then (2017)

12:31 minutes, color


What I Would Have Told My Daughter If I Knew What To Say Back Then features the filmmaker talking to over 13 years of home videos in an imagined conversation with her daughter’s younger years. The filmmaker’s failed coming out when her child was only 3 years old inspired the initial concept for this experimental documentary.


  • Hanoi International Queer Film Week (Hanoi, Vietnam 2017)
  • Dyke Drama Film Festival 2017 (Perth, Australia 2017)
  • CineMakulay Film Festival 2017 (Manila, Philippines 2017)
  • Taiwan International Queer Film Festival (Taiwan, 2017)
  • Salzburg Global LGBT Forum (Salzburg, Austria 2017)
  • Asterisco Festival Internacional de Cine LGBTIQ (Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017)
  • Miss-en-Scene at the Grrrl Gang Anniversary (Manila, Philippines 2018)
  • Pink Shorts at the Manila Biennale (Manila, Philippines 2018)


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